How To Buy A Product Or Service From A Vendor

Step 1: from the navigation menu, click/hover on for buyers and click on View All Products & Services. You can also use the search feature on the home to search for what you need.

Step 2: Browse through to find the product or service you need, or use the filter button to narrow down the results.

Step 3: With the filter, you will be able to filter by location, product/service category, date posted, how far away you are from the service or product vendor, etc. once you select your preferred options, click on the find product/service button to display the results

Step 4: Click on the picture of the product or service that you need, you will be redirected to the detail page. In other to proceed, first send a message to the vendor using the contact me button in other to confirm if the product or service is available and also the terms of delivery.

Step 5: Once you have spoken with the vendor and confirmed availability and terms of delivery, you can then come back to the listing page and click the buy now button.

Step 6: Once you click on the buy now, you will be redirected to check out, here you will fill all your billing details and finally click on place order.

A payment modal will pop up, you will be able to pay with bank transfer by selecting Transfer or pay with your atm card by selecting card.

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